Product Description:

When it comes to designing, manufacturing and installing industrial conveyors - no company has more experience than Daifuku Webb.  In 1919, Jervis B. Webb adapted the forged rivetless chain conveyor for the automotive industry. This single product revolutionized mass production and changed the way automobiles are manufactured.

Today, we have a reputation for supplying the most durable and reliable conveyors in the material handling industry. We work with customers to design innovative conveyor systems that meet their unique needs. Whether it’s moving musical instruments to an area for packaging or transporting furniture through a finishing system, our conveyors can help increase productivity and improve your bottom line.

Daifuku Webb provides the widest variety of industial conveyors including our renowned chain conveyors (Unibilt enclosed track, Unibeam I-beam, power & free, and towline), unit handling (baggage handling, roller, sorting), platform (skid, skillet and slat), Electrified Monorail Systems (EMS) and friction.