Solving Material Handling Challenges With Unique Automation Solutions

Daifuku North America Holding Company is a leader in developing innovative material handling systems that are the centerpiece of thousands of manufacturing facilities, warehouses/distribution centers, automotive plants, airports and cleanrooms. We are the U.S. subsidiary of Daifuku (pronounced: dye-foo-koo), one of the largest material handling companies in the world.  Our companies include Daifuku America Corporation, Jervis B. Webb Company, Elite Line Services (ELS), Wynright Corporation, and Logan Teleflex.

From engineering and service to manufacturing and installation, our dedicated team works with you to create solutions that meet your needs. With nearly a century of experience and a diversified line of products, no company has as much knowledge or as many options for automating your facility as Daifuku North America.

Find out how the following products are increasing productivity, reducing errors, recapturing floor space, and improving bottom lines for our customers.